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SEAL (SEA, Air & Land) Robotics

K-8 Grade


  • Provide children with the skills to create a variety of robot models with an emphasis on sea, air and land machinery.

  • Guide children through their first steps into the world of electronics, physics and robotics.

  • Enrich children's outlook on production and accomplishment.

  • Develop children's thinking process and strategy planning.


Students take home every model they produce to show, brag and keep!

Course Description:

Students investigate a number of fascinating and astonishing worlds throughout semester: the world of sea, air and land machinery and the world of robotics. With this one of a kind program, students are familiarized with the stories behind the Navy SEAL.

STEM&More instructors use a robotics kit created by STEM&More and Academix.

As the students develop their skills, students will build different robot models. Each model will be activated by one or more electrical engines, depending on the model, and will simulate the different aspects of sea, air and land vehicles and machinery.

In addition, in order to challenge students and further expose them to the world of technology, they will learn about types of sensors, electrical engines, remote controllers, infrared qualities, cog-wheels (speed & momentum) and more.


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