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Robotics Age

4-8 Grade


  • Provide children with the skills to develop, create and build robots of different types.

  • Guide children through their first steps into the world of electronics, physics, robotics and programming.

  • Enrich children's outlook on production and accomplishment.

  • Develop children's thinking process and strategy planning.

  • Strengthen children's dedication and ability to achieve their goals.


Students take home every model they produce to show, brag and keep!

Course Description:

The program's goals are to awaken the students' intellectual curiosity, introduce them to the fascinating world of robotics, and equip them with the tools to analyze and solve dilemmas. They will develop personal creativity and a unique thinking process in the areas of science and technology.

STEM&More instructors use a made in Israel robotics kit created by STEM&More and Academix.

This robotics kit enables each student to experience each robot's building and programming, and continue the learning experience at home for an affordable price.

This program includes several study units, such as: Robotics, Controllers and settings, Introduction to programming, Electronic devices and more.

Throughout the year, students will study a variety of electronics such as controllers and engines. In addition, as they complete building each model, students will utilize a controller settings software to program the robot on their own.
Eventually, the robot will function without the use of a computer.

Students will not only take home the models they build, but also a one of a kind software. This way, they can continue their work with the robots even once the program is complete.


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