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Pteranodon- The Aerial Dinosaur LEVEL 3

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Pteranodon- The Aerial Dinosaur, 3D Puzzle Robot Toy:

  • DIY wooden 3D puzzle. Knowledge of mechanics. Great fun for the whole family. Top Quality Children's Item.
  • Simple and easy to control . Just switch “ON”, the robot dinosaur will zip line until battery runs out. Suitable for 6 years old and upwards.

The Wooden Dinosaur looks like one of those hobby skeletal kits until you realize that this dinosaur can walk.

A great project for anyone six years or older, constructing the robot dinosaur is easy with clearly labeled pieces that fit together.

It is a great desk model for an executive or an educational item to assist children understands the world. It's a great gift for your child, for your friend, for your client, and everyone who is interested in this product.
It's a great family game to increase Parent- child interaction. Kids also can free their imagination and stain it the color, make a special color collocation, understanding their color aesthetics. It's a great tool to introduce them 3D shape and space.
Also it will inspire their love to animals, insects and natural. Let the children close to nature, to protect the nature.

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