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STEM&More constantly creates breakthroughs in technology education for children around the world. After many years of experience in the field of childrens'  education, the company produced unique and exclusive programs, constructed to challenge young minds. 

At STEM&More, we aspire to provide students with top quality education, while engaging students in a fun, academic way.


Our curriculum is designed and customized to target each grade level. All of our STEAM programs are hands-on and project-based. With this unique type of learning, we are able to offer schools a well-rounded program, correlating with California STEM standards and California LCFF/LCAP State Priorities. Our company focuses on Physical, Life, Earth and Space sciences, as well as engineering, technology, and applications of science.

We send our professional teachers into the classrooms, keeping the students engaged in high level learning.

During class, we encourage the school’s teachers and staff to become a part of the teaching process and learning experience of the STEAM curriculum.


We provide everything: professional teachers, master classes, STEAM folders, educational kits, professional printed material, and more. 

Throughout the year, our students develop their self-confidence, self-discipline and teamwork skills. They also receive a sense of accomplishment by reaching the course's goals, and adapt to a variety of thinking methods.

STEM&More continues to create new developments, and pave new roads that open doors to children around the world.


(That's what we do best!)


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